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Furniture Reconfiguration

Runway Internationa Ltd. is the pioneer in offering furniture installation services of professional grade for corporate businesses, hospitality industry, and educational institutions. We also provide our services to furniture companies for their large projects.

When your needs outgrow your current furniture or when you want to invigorate your office with a new layout, you can count on us to reconfigure your modular office furniture system. Runway Internationa Ltd. has the experience and knowledge of modular systems to give you a new office layout in the minimum time possible. We work closely with your people to understand your need and plan the schedule to cause the minimum disruption to your workforce. We take an inventory of your current furniture, understand your new objectives and then determine the additional items required to fulfil your needs. And if it’s just a change in layout then we can quickly un-assemble, move around and reassemble the furniture in a jiffy.

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